Rent A V20-40

To hit nails ranging from brads (11/2" or longer) to 16d common nails (5/32", 4.11 mm diam.) on the point.

The nail kicker V20 denailer is available to rent in the United States only.  The V20-40 Trial Tool includes a fully reconditioned used tool with the DN40 driver installed in the tool body

  • The rental period is 1 week, but may be extended by contacting RECONNX, INC. The time starts when you receive the denailer.  The delivery tracking tells us when the package has arrived.   

  • The fees are $75 per week + shipping each way.  

  • If you decide to buy a tool after renting, the first week's rent will be deducted from the purchase price.  A tool can be purchased before the rental returns, but not before payment is verified.

  • Up to 3 additional driver/nose sets may be requested at no additional charge. 

  • RECONNX, INC. will confirm the request(s) based upon the intended use prior to shipping.    

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