Repair & Servicing

nail kicker V1 & V20 denailers are simple to repair.  They can usually be repaired by anyone with a little direction from us.  

nail kicker V2 denailers can be difficult to repair.  Please call us before attempting to repair these.

PARTS FOR V1s & V2s are NO LONGER MADE.  We may not have the parts you need.  Call us before sending us these tools.

If you want your staff or a repair shop to repair or service your tool, we will gladly sell you or your repair shop the parts you need.  If you want us to perform the service that is fine also.

SERVICE BY RECONNX, Inc.:  We will repair any nail kicker denailer that you send us, if we have the parts.   All parts for nail kicker V20s are available.  However, some parts for V1s and V2s are no longer made.  Do not send us V1 or V2 denailers before determining that we have the necessary parts.  

Please email or phone us tthat you are sending one or more tools for service or repair.  In your request, please tell us as much as possible about what happened when the tool failed, or what level of maintenance you want us to perform.  Please include the name and contact information of the last person to use the tool.

After we receive the denailer, we will make our own assessment of the tool.  If there is a significant difference between your request and our assessment, we will contact you to discuss the situation.  We charge $30 labor + the price of the parts for most repairs.  We will let you know if there is an extraordinary amount of labor necessary to complete a repair.  

Our Contact Information

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