RECONNX, INC. is an S corporation providing engineered solutions for the Construction and Demolition (C&D) waste-reuse industry since 1996.   


RECONNX, INC. designs and provides affordable industrial-strength nail removing products.


RECONNX, INC. provides exceptional customer service, tool parts and product information.

RECONNX, INC. fulfills tool and part orders within a day of payment and fulfillment of specific service requests may vary.


RECONNX, INC. concern is that C&D material, specifically, wood, be reused, making it available for future generations.  In the U.S., up to 11 percent of new lumber and a greater amount of used lumber from demolition ends up in landfills each year.

RECONNX, INC. concern is that the costs involved with wood recovery can be so significant that disposal is the norm and with the rising cost of new lumber creates a commitment to provide useable, high-quality tools which are competitive, safe, offering a environmentally-friendly alternative to dumping or chipping.

RECONNX, INC. developed a mobile end-to-end finger-jointing tool which assembled standard lengths of lumber from short lengths of wasted wood on-site. Research analysis indicated development and use costs too substantial, and potential markets too small for success.   

RECONNX, INC. then focused on hand-held pneumatic denailers, "nail kickers."  From 2001-2010 two models of "nail kickers," V2 and V1, were available.  In 2007 a more powerful and efficient and versatile "nail kicker," V20 was developed to assist larger industrial, pallet and crate restoration, customers.

RECONNX, INC. has two additional nail removing technology patents currently in research and development.




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