User Guidelines

The nail kicker V20 denailer is a powerful but safe tool when used according to the recommended guidelines.  

  • How many hits to drive out a nail?     

    • From the point end, 1 to 2 times

    • From the head end, 2-5 times  

  • How often should the tool be oiled?           

    • Follow oiling guide in tool kit


  • HOLD TOOL FIRMLY in place, do not press down.  Pressing down may lead to a stuck driver more often.

  • TOOL WILL KICK BACK, no matter how hard it is pressed until the nail is out.  NOTE: A nail hit from the point end may fly out like a bullet.

  • When the DRIVER IS STUCK, use the pry bar, included in the tool kit.  DO NOT SHAKE or TWIST the stuck tool.  Driver may break.  Keeping the pry bar near at hand is recommended.

  • AIR PRESSURE outside of the recommended guidelines (90 TO 120psi) will increase wear on all tool parts.

  • DO NOT aim/shoot into skin or at people.  At a minimum, severe bruising may occur.


  • THUMB SCREW on the top of the tool determines the extension of the driver.  A screw driver is required to adjust.  (For picture of thumb screw location, see Parts' Illustrated page.  It is Index No. 8 on the Parts' List.)

  • Adjust “Thumb Screw” for the task

    • Thin materials like flooring where cracking is to be avoided, Thumb* Screw down tight; Nose barely moves when pressed into a surface and Driver extends 1/8” beyond nose.

    • To drive from head through materials up to 3/8” thick or from point end through soft wood up to 1½” thick, Thumb Screw tighten part way; Nose will stop about ½ way into Anchor Front (Index No. 3) when the tool is pressed down onto a surface.

    • To drive from head through materials up to 3/4” thick or from point end through hard wood up to 1½” thick

  • Trigger Safety has been removed since the instruction manual was published due to heavy use tended to cause safety to malfunction.

  • If driver (Index No. 13) breaks, the bumper (Index No. 16) and the back of the nose (Index No. 4) may also be damaged


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