Tools to Remove Nails from Both Ends

    1. From the selections below note the tool needed for each range of nails you have.
    2. Determine the most common or most urgent size to remove.  
    3. Select the tool for that range of nails.
    4. For the other ranges of nails, determine if you will need additional tools or if having additional driver/nose sets* on hand will work better.
    5. Select those pieces after putting the first tool in your cart.  In addition to buying tools, you can buy up to 3 additional driver/nose sets and 1 set of recommended repair parts for each tool without paying for additional shipping.

          * The only differences between the V20 denailer models is the diameter of the driver and its matched nose.  We call that pair a "driver/nose set".  They are designated by the letters DN, as in DN40 when sold separately from a tool.  The number attached to V20 indicates the driver/nose set in the body; for instance V20-40 indicates a DN40 driver/nose set is in the body.  Each driver/nose set can be removed from a tool body and replaced with one of the same or a different size in 3 to 5 minutes (see silent video).  


          • all nails are 16d box nails or smaller (0.135", 9/64" or 3.76 mm in diameter). These nails will be less than 3 1/2" (90 mm) long.
          • all flooring nails and cleats
          • all nails are between sizes 16d box to 30d common (0.135"-0.207", 9/64"-13/64", or 3.75-5.26 mm diameter).  These nails will be approximately 3 1/2-4 1/2" (90 - 115 mm) long.
          • a very wide range of nail sizes between 6d box to 30d common (0.099"-0.207, 3/32"-13/64", or 2.51-5.26 mm diameter)
          • OR flooring staples with a 3/16" wide crown (0.1875" or 4.8 mm) 
          • nail sizes 20d to 50d common (0.192"-0.244", 3/16"-1/4", or 4.88-6.2 mm in diameter). These nails are around 4 to 5 1/2" (100 - 140 mm) long. These may only be kicked part way out of the wood.  
          • flooring staples with 7/16" (0.4375" or 11.1 mm) wide crown
          • OR nails ranging in size from 40d to 60d or Spikes 7/32" to 5/16" diameter (0.225-0.312" or 5.72-7.92 mm). These nails/spikes will be from 5 to 6" (125-155 mm) long and are likely to be only partly ejected.


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