RECONNX, INC. believes Payback Time will be less than 40 hours.


(Enter the following data)

$   nail kicker

$   air compressor
  • An air compressor, $300-500, required to operate a nail kicker.
  • If you already have access to an air compressor enter 0.
$   wages
    • Wages (dollars/hour) for employee operating the nail kicker.
      %  labor markup
        • Labor markup (%) is the increased cost for employing a worker, which covers insurance, taxes, etc.  For example, an employer must incur $12/hr for a worker who earns $10/hr, a 20% increase.
        • Labor markup is usually between 15% and 45%.
            estimated efficiency factor (2-5)
          • RECONNX, INC. customers generally report that using the nail kicker gives them the ability to work 4 times faster than they could otherwise.
          • To be on the safe side, it is recommended using a number, such as 2, meaning only twice as fast.

              BREAK-EVEN TIME (hours)

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