Welcome to the home of the Nail Kicker V20 denailer...

  • A 3-in-1 pneumatic nail remover - built with versatility so IT CAN HANDLE your job with ease and light enough FOR YOU TO HANDLE all day.

  • Similar to a nail gun but ‘KICKS' NAILS OUT of lumber and flooring.

  • POWERFUL, DURABLE, and SAFE for long-term use in harsh conditions.

  • The FASTEST way to REMOVE NAILS from building materials and reclaimed lumber, DISMANTLE oversized PALLETS and drive nails through pallet deck boards into stringers for removal and upgrade.

  • So PRODUCTIVE, it can pay for itself in as little as 40 HOURS! Check out our Payback Calculator to see how YOU WILL PAY FOR; THE TOOL IN LABOR SAVINGS fast.

  • An essential tool for the GREEN REMODELER to easily "clean" framing and flooring for reuse or donation, and effortlessly demonstrate your low-carbon footprint.

  • And much more.....Take a look to learn how the V20 can help you.


“The RECONNX nail kicker saves time and manpower on our jobsites. Taking out nails is very time-consuming, and having this tool saves me a lot of time and money.” Lisi Makoni, owner, Makoni Construction, Redwood City, CA USA (September 2010)

“We’re happy with it. It’s a powerful tool and saves man-hours. We like the V2 but the new V20 is much more powerful and efficient.” - Bruce Johnson, owner, Rehistoric Wood Products LLC, Spokane, WA USA (September 2010)

“I purchased the tool from the DIY network to help with demolition of my father’s house. It’s an innovative and rad tool. With the V20, we reclaimed several thousand dollars worth of studs and beams. I took it down to my supply store in Spokane and told them they should stock it.” – Mike Clark, tool junkie, Chewelaha, WA USA (September 2010)

“We’re in the shipping container business and our crew de-nails several hundred pieces of 2 x 6 oak every day for re-use. Our nail kickers are being used day in and day out, and save us a lot of time. The V20 is much more powerful than the original model, and the ability to change out the size of the driver has prolonged the life of the tool.” - Dale Prior, ADS Logistics, Kent, WA USA (September 2010)

“We use the Nail Kicker in the home deconstruction business and it has so much power that we had to put a pillow in the bottom of a trash can to make sure the nails didn’t pop out. I like it a lot and would like to get one for myself.” – Curtis Finney, employee, The Network for Better Futures, Minneapolis, MN USA (September 2010)

“The Re-Use Warehouse in Houston has 2 de-nailer guns. I love them! For me, it’s like a meditation. We have excellent demand for used lumber and as soon as we have a pile of de-nailed lumber available, it goes out the door. I look forward to owning my own Nail Kicker!” – Amanda Torres, employee, The Reuse Warehouse, Houston, TX USA (September 2010)

“We use the gun to de-nail 2 x 4s. It’s a high value piece of equipment that saves me 80%-90% on deconstruction labor. Every contractor in the U.S. needs to have this gun for deconstruction and re-use of our wood resources.” - Daniel Phillips, The Phoenix Commotion, Huntsville, TX USA (September 2010)

“We use the V20 Nail Kicker for disassembling big warehouse crates for re-use. This tool is a lot safer than trying to use saws and crowbars to take those crates apart.” – Brett Moore, owner, General Transit & Warehouse, Dearborn, MI USA (September 2010)

“The nail kicker is a very user-friendly tool and the customer service that I have received is excellent. We use 3 nail kickers to de-nail plywood on our deconstruction jobs and it is a perfect tool for use with plywood. Here’s an example: We hired a woman to de-nail plywood by herself. Using the nail kicker, she was able to de-nail plywood faster than 2 professional men could have done with a hammer. The tool really makes a difference.” – Gary Delp, owner, Heritage Timber, Missoula, Montana US (September 2010)

“I got one gun: used for 2 hours and ordered a second? With 2 people and 1 gun, we dismantle 20 to 25 pallets per hour. The Nail Kicker allows us to reclaim every piece of wood on each pallet!” - Mike Rocha, President, Circle Wood Products, Gainesville, Texas USA (November 2011)

“You have to watch the air pressure so the nails don’t come out too fast.” - Jake Miller, Performance Pallet, Seymour, Wisconsin USA (November 2011)

“We repair and make new skids with old parts. We pass the savings on to our customer. It keeps us in the ball game.” - Stan Klock, McIntosh Box & Pallet, East Syracuse, New York USA (January 2012)

“Jon, thanks! My girlfriend and I were able to remove 1100 sq. ft of 2¼” T&G oak flooring in about 20 hours. This included prying it off the floor, denailing, and stacking. We’ll probably end up losing about 10% due to age, damage, rot, etc, but I feel we would have lost more if not for the nail kicker. It cut down labor time and wear and tear on both our bodies and the flooring. Thanks for this tool, it seems to be a truly unique offering on the market.” - Joe, homeowner, Austin, Texas USA (January 2011)

“..We would like to know your world record for kicking out nails in one hour because we are sure we will be in the running. Today was an exceptional production day. We had 4 people placing and removing planks with nails in them while our 2 kicker operators machine gunned throughout the afternoon. Fantastic result!” - Stewart Oliver, The Complete Picture, Hillcrest, South Africa (May 2011)

“Since obtaining the nail kicker, we have only utilised 1 tool on a full time basis. On this particular line working on a 5 day week since March 2011, so 1 full year, we have removed a total of 6 tonnes of nails. The nails vary from 35mm (1 3/8”) to 155mm (6 1/8”), mainly a 75mm (3”) nail. We are in the process of setting up different lines for different applications, driving the nail heads through ply wood boards, utilising it on our shorts lines and in actual deconstruction of certain products. The Nail kicker has opened up a whole new world for our company speeding up production dramatically and reducing the number of people working on the different products.” - Larry Oliver, The Complete Picture, Hillcrest, South Africa (March 2012)